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Film Club

The Christian Film Club - "A valuable tool for building up knowledge of the faith, through films and documentaries."

The Film Club is Evangelisation and Christian Education through Films and Documentaries.

Hollywood has made many Biblical based films which can serve to bring knowledge of bible stories. In addition to this religious organisations have made many documentaries which helps our understanding of faith issues in the world today, and the messages coming from heaven, through revelations and apparitions. 

The Film Club, whilst part of the St David's Catholic Renewal Fellowship, has it's own Constitution and Sub-Committee, who's aim is to run films on a weekly basis, following the topics and themes of the Liturgical year.

Membership is Free, Donation only, and entrance to film days, or evening, is also free, Donation only, so you don't have to think of the cost if you are a frequent attendant to our Films showings.

As a member you can access actual details of the films to be shown, along with the schedule of films programmed. You can also bring your friends and family to come with you to enjoy our times together.

Films about Jesus, his life and passion; Films from the Old and New Testaments; Creation; Abraham; Moses; David; Solomon; Jeremiah; Peter; Paul; Acts of the Apostles;Mary; Apparitions; Visions; and much...much....more!

Typical Meeting Outline:

Introduction to the Film; Showing of Film; Refreshments & Snacks.

Go to the Calendar of Events or the Select from the Tabs on the left menu for more information about films scheduled.

This also makes our times together a social event, where you can meet other like-minded people and engage in faith issues.

For some people it is easier for them to invite a friend or family member to come along to see a film, rather than to invite them to a religious service. If you are like this, you can just relax and "let the Film to the talking" for you, so to speak. It's a great educational tool!

With our films, it is not so much about if you have seen the films before, or not, it's more about if you know someone that may benefit in any way by coming along and seeing it. It may become their first steps back to the Faith, or their conversion from another faith ?

If you would like to become a member of the Film Club come along to one of our days of screening and we will happily give your a members registration form to complete.

Should you wish to get more involved and would like to consider volunteering to help us run these films, then, why not come along to our monthly volunteers meeting.

Become a Member today! it's Free and we will keep you informed; or if you would like to help run this evangelising tool and initiative come along to our monthly volunteers  meeting; see the Calendar for more, under Events

Due to Film Showing Licensing Laws we are unable to show actual details of the Film Titles and Images to Non-Members. Therefore, should you wish to know more about the actual Titles and Details of every Film being scheduled, then please become a Member of the SDCRF, which automatically makes you a Member of the Film Club.