St David's Catholic Renewal Fellowship SDCRF

Members and Team Logins

Welcome to the Login Areas where you will be able to find additional information and resources as Members, Volunteers and Committee Members. Each area has it's own purpose built structure and information to help you.

Please Login in to the appropriate Login for your status by selecting the appropriate selection from the options to the left.  Please keep your usernames and passwords in a safe and secret place. Thank you.

Members can access the Member's area only.

Volunteers can access the Members area and the Volunteers area.

Committee Members can acess all three areas.

Members Login

To access the member area you must become a member and in order to qualify as a member you should have come to some of the events listed and made known to the welcoming team at the events that you wish to become a member; who will give you a Form to fill in to become a member.

You cannot become a member as a long distance visitor to this site, but must be present at at least some of the events so we can get to know you.


Volunteers Login

To access this volunteers area you must be a Volunteer working with us on the ground to help with the Mission and Work of the St David's Cathedral Renewal Fellowship.

All volunteers are asked to fill in an application form and following approval a unique username and password are issued to each volunteer, who can then access this area.

This then gives all volunteers access to useful information for their own personal, spiritual growth as well as equiping them with the knowledge and the skills in order to become a more effective team member and hence organisation.


Committee Login

This area is for the St David's Cathedral Renewal Fellowship Executive Committee ONLY. Committee Members are invited by the existing Committee to join the Committe through a personal and formal invitation.

Only Executive Committee Members are given unique User names and Passwords to access this area.