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Next Volunteers Meeting- 11:30pm Saturday 13th July at the Cornerstone; New Volunteers welcome!

Without the generosity of many Volunteers, giving up their time and making sacrifices, we would not be able to carry out our Evangelising Mission, to bring the Good News to our society in a variety of ways.

Every event has a group of people working hard in the background to not only make it possible but to make it a success, and this with much prayer and devotion.

From, planning, organising, training, development, to the practical elements of every event or activity, volunteers make us what we are, and make possible what we do.

We know from the Bible we have all been given things from God, everything we have is a gift. We are all talented in so many different ways, and can all do something to help in so many ways. There is a parable in the Bible given by Jesus, which explains how God entrusts us to use what we have been given, not only for our own good, but for the good of those around us, indeed the good of the Church and society at large, making the world around us a better place. This is what the parable of the talent says:-

Matthew 25:14-30

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Parable of the Talents

14 For it is just like a man about to go on a journey, who called his own slaves and entrusted his possessions to them. 15 To one he gave five [a]talents, to another, two, and to another, one, each according to his own ability; and he went on his journey. 16 Immediately the one who had received the five talents went and traded with them, and gained five more talents. 17 In the same manner the one who had received the two talents gained two more. 18 But he who received the one talent went away, and dug a hole in the ground and hid his [b]master’s money.

19 “Now after a long time the master of those slaves *came and *settled accounts with them. 20 The one who had received the five talents came up and brought five more talents, saying, ‘Master, you entrusted five talents to me. See, I have gained five more talents.’ 21 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful slave. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your [c]master.’

22 “Also the one who had received the two talents came up and said, ‘Master, you entrusted two talents to me. See, I have gained two more talents.’ 23 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful slave. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.’

24 “And the one also who had received the one talent came up and said, ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow and gathering where you scattered no seed. 25 And I was afraid, and went away and hid your talent in the ground. See, you have what is yours.’

26 “But his master answered and said to him, ‘You wicked, lazy slave, you knew that I reap where I did not sow and gather where I scattered no seed. 27 Then you ought to have put my money [d]in the bank, and on my arrival I would have received my money back with interest. 28 Therefore take away the talent from him, and give it to the one who has the ten talents.’

29 For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away. 30 Throw out the worthless slave into the outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


  1. Matthew 25:15 A talent was worth about fifteen years’ wages of a laborer
  2. Matthew 25:18 Or lord’s
  3. Matthew 25:21 Or lord
  4. Matthew 25:27 Lit to the bankers

No matter how little or how much you have to offer, your contribution, your time, is appreciated and valued, and your time an asset to us and those who we invite to our events and activities.

We would therefore like to invite you to consider becoming a volunteer. There are many ways you can help, and there are different groups you can chose from to consider helping. Please take a look at the tabs on the left for more information.

There are Volunteers Meetings every month, and where News Volunteers, are welcome to join us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering helping our Mission of Evangelisation, and we thank, with great sincerity and love, all our volunteers who make us what we are and make it possible to run so many activities.