St David's Catholic Renewal Fellowship SDCRF


Please help our Mission to spread the Good News and to draw people to the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, in this the Church's year of Mercy.

If you would like to help our mission then please donate what you can in order to help us become more effective.

At all our events, we do not charge any admission charge. We operate on a donation only basis thereby allowing everyone to access the programmes and activities that we organise, without them having to think about the cost.

This means we take on the financial risk of holding an event, where we rely heavily on the providence of God and the charity of those people who have the finances to support us financially.

When we invite "Speakers" to our events, such as the weekends of renewal or conferences, we pay all their travel costs as well as their accomodation costs as well as for their time and effort in coming to us.

The printing of materials, such as, posters and programmes as well as leaflets costs all add up.

Licences for the Christian Cinema Club and the cost of updating our film library is also an on-going costs that amounts to several hundreds of pounds per year.

This website and it's up-keep also cost us several hundreds of pounds per year.

Please Give what you can afford

What we ask for is that you help with what you can realistically afford. Anything you give will help,  no matter how little.

Scheduled Retiring Collections after Mass at St David's Cathedral

Please give generously, according to what you can afford to give, at one of our retiring collections, after Mass at St David's Cathedral.

The Next date for collections for our Mission, at St David's Cathedral, is after Mass on:-

To Be Announced

Sending a Donation by Post:-

Please send only Cheques by Post (Never send cash)

Make cheques payable to: St David's Cathedral Renewal Fellowship

Send to:

John Fellows (Treasurer SDCRF)

38 Charles Street, Cardiff CF10 2SF, Wales UK

Thank you and God Bless you for your support.