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more events coming soon; please come and check regularly;

We are happy to present you with a growing range of events and activities you can come to as well as those you can get involved with.

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Have you booked for the Special Annual Retreat & Conference "Coming to the Throne of Grace" at Pantasaph Fransiscan Friary 6th to 9th October 2016; go to "Annual Retreat" under Events and Activities for more! Reserve your place now for a non-refundable deposit of just £25 or go to for more.

Please come back from time to time to see any changes or additions to the events and activities.

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Please consider sending us a Donation to help with our Mission of Evangelisation, with all our activities and programmes; We never charge an admission fee, entrance is always Free; We rely on donations only and on the charity of generous people to help fund our programmes and activities.

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