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  29th May 2014

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“I Believe” Conference; St David’s Cathedral & the Cornerstone


Dear Fellow Parish Member (Brothers and Sisters in Christ),

I am happy to let you know that we, The St David’s Cathedral Renewal Fellowship (SDCRF), are holding a weekend Conference here at St David’s Cathedral and the Cornerstone, titled “I Believe” Conference, Cardiff, and it runs from 7pm Friday 13th June to 4pm Sunday 15th June 2014. We are bringing four gifted people together to speak at this Conference, as well to pray for people individually for their needs. You can see more about the Conference and Programme on the Posters at the back of the Church.

People will be travelling many miles to come to this event; others will also be booking into hotels to stay the weekend. Please do not overlook this event as it is a rare and special occasion to bring these four people together to our doorstep. We invite you to come to this Conference or to as many of the services as possible that weekend.

We do not charge an entrance fee but rely on donations, so that people can pay what they can afford; and the conference is therefore open to all, not just those who can afford it. This does mean that we carry the financial risk of the costs for running an event of this kind, which includes a range of expenses. This is why we are grateful to Canon Peter for allowing us to have Retiring Collections after every Mass on the weekend of the Conference, Saturday and Sunday, 14th & 15th June. We ask that you be generous in giving so that we will be able to pay for all the expenses we incur and are able to continue to run more effective events and activities here, at St David’s Cathedral and the Cornerstone.

With the Conference Starting on Friday 13th, the Feast of St Anthony, we will be collecting “Prayer Requests” to present at the 7:45pm Mass for your intentions, through the intercession of St Anthony. More about this and the Conference and our other activities on our website

We have been running events and activities here, in the Cathedral, in the heart of the City, for many years now; in response to successive Pope’s and Archbishops requests to Evangelise and Spread the Good News. In this way we feel we are doing our bit to help spread the Good News; and now you too can be part of this Mission, by helping us to make it more successful; either by volunteering your time or giving us a Donation. (Cheques can be made payable to the “St David’s Cathedral Renewal Fellowship”)

There is our Annual Volunteers Commissioning during the 5:30pm Mass on Saturday 7th June (Vigil of Pentecost) here at the Cathedral. Please come along if you would like to become one of our volunteers. We would also like to invite you to our next Volunteers Meetings; 7:30pm on Thursday 5th & 12th June 2014, at the Cornerstone. Please come along if you would like to help.

Summary Information and Key Dates:

St David’s Cathedral Renewal Fellowship Website   >

Volunteers Commissioning Mass                                         5:30pm Mass, Saturday 7th June 2014

Volunteers Meeting                                                                    7:30pm on Thursday 5th & 12th June 2014

St David’s Cathedral Renewal Fellowship Retiring Collections >All Masses on Sat./Sun. 14 & 15 June

“I Believe” Conference, Cardiff

Starts 7pm Friday 13th June and ends 4pm Sunday 15th June 2014


Thank you kindly for your time and consideration

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