St David's Catholic Renewal Fellowship SDCRF

Who are we?

We are the St David's Catholic Renewal Fellowship, or SDCRF for short, operating as an independant Catholic Organisation, based in Cardiff;

We have a Steering Committee who meet regularly and steer the direction and all activities of the SDCRF. In addition to this we also have sub-committees who also run certain projects, such as the Christian Cinema Club.

We have a growing number of Volunteers who help with all the activities of the organisation and our members are those people who come to our events; these can be people from the local surroundings or those further afield and even from over the border

Whilst being firmly Catholic, we are inspired to reach out to all people since we have come to know that God loves all people the same, and Jesus came for all people. With this in mind we welcome all people no matter their background or beliefs; that they may come to experience, and know personally for themselves, the love of God, through our Mission, Work and Activities and the Catholic Church.

Thank you for taking an interest in our Mission and our Work. We hope to see you at one of our events soon; They are inspiring and have helped to bring many people's faith alive!

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