St David's Catholic Renewal Fellowship SDCRF

About Volunteering

Ordinary people like you and me are volunteering to help run our activities throughout the year.

As a volunteer you will form part of a team that will carry out a specific role to help in some way.

We all have gifts and talents, skills and experience, we can use to help "the team" become more effective in delivering the services we have planned.

Volunteering is job and we want to make it as enjoyable and rewarding as possible because if we help bring out the best in you, then you will enjoy what you do and the reasons why we do them, and this will come accross to those who come to our activities and events.

This is why we have fellowship time for volunteering to come together on a monthly basis. This will help volunteers get to know each other as well as to encourage participation on a proactive basis.

We know that volunteers ranges widely in their experiences and background, age and capability, as well as in their involvement, time limitations and committments.

This is why we work out a programme that suits you "the Volunteer" so that you can commit to volunteering times according to your time availablility, without any pressure from anyone to do any more than you want to.

You decide how much time you can give and then we explore what you would like to do in that time to help our overall mission of evangelisation.

You can start by deciding which event or activity you would like to get involved with, then you can decide what you can do to help with that activity and whether it will be a hands on, during the event, or a background activity which may be done from home?

This will be better explored at our volunteers meeting where more information and help is at hand for you to consider and explore.

Working with us as a volunteer can be great fun and rewarding, knowing that we are involved in the great commission, spreading the Good News, and running activities that help people draw back to God.

We hope you would like to join us in our work of evangelisation and we look forward in seeing you at our next Volunteers Meeting. (Please see the Event Calendar for dates and times). Thank you for your time and consideration.